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About Us


Rupe corporation is a successful, family owned business that has decades of experience in the hydraulic repair business. We noticed that our industry does not have a system for standardized repair estimating, so we want to share our years of expertise in this field.

We provide an application which repair companies and their customers can use to obtain fast and efficient estimates.

With this software estimating solution, the hydraulic repair industry can standardize hydraulic component repair pricing and make this process efficient, reliable, and consistent.

Businesses which maintain hydraulic equipment can also benefit, because they will now have a way to reliably, check estimates given by repair shops and determine if the quote is reasonable.


Rupe Corporation has been in the hydraulic repair industry since 1976, successfully developing one of the largest hydraulic repair and sales facilities in the west. After selling their business in 2005, the owners set out to develop and research various projects related to the hydraulic industry that they felt would be beneficial and innovative to the industry and their customers. In 2009, the choice was made to pursue a standard for pricing hydraulic component repair. The first being hydraulic cylinders. With their many years of experience, they were able to create this software application that is simple to use, accurate, consistent and reliable. With this software, we believe an honest standard for cylinder repair pricing has been achieved.