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There are 2 Web Sites, each serves a particular purpose.

Our Web Site www.Estimator4U.com

This website provides Hydraulic Repair Cost Ranges for Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Motors, Hydraulic Cylinders and Hydraulic Hoses. Anyone in the World can go to this site and instantly create an Estimated cost of Hydraulic Repair. Along with the cost of hydraulic repair they will also get a list of Local and National Companies that provide the required hydraulic repair or replacement. All estimates are relative to their particular area of the country.

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Our Web Site www.HydraulicRepairEstimator.com

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This website provides Detailed Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Estimates. Shops that perform Hydraulic Cylinder Repair and are a Premium Listing Subscriber on Estimator4U have full access (at no additional charge ) to this great online tool. This is a personal portal for each Company. They can create detailed Estimates for their customers using their specific labor rates and Company information.

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