• Quote with Confidence
  • Estimates you can Trust
  • Fair Price Guarantee
  • Confidence and Trust - Priceless
  • Detailed, Accurate and Consistent
  • Quote Jobs Faster
  • Easy to Use
  • Laptop with Hydraulic Repair Cylinder Estimator
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
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Most Hydraulic Companies

Believe their company has lost jobs because they were Unable to give a fast and accurate quote.

Believe that confidence in the estimating process Would increase sales and reduce stress.

Believe their sales people would have a higher success Rate if they were able to quote repairs in the field.

Believe their company has lost money on a job because The actual cost of a repair was actually more than it Had been estimated to be.

Have not responded to a request for quote because they Did not have time to quote by the stated deadline.

Have customers asking them to justify their pricing by Asking for a detailed cost breakout when submitting A quote.


  1. Easy to use – no software to install
  2. Create confidence in your Estimator and your Customers by using a Innovative, Accurate and Detailed Estimating Software.
  3. Reduce the time and stress currently found in most estimating processes.
  4. Create more revenue by using the time saved in a more productive manner.
  5. Create consistency same type cylinder in 6 months, same repair, SAME PRICE.
  6. Adjust by percentage Material $, Mechanic Labor Hrs., Machinist Labor Hrs.,or Labor $
  7. Anyone can estimate a cylinder repair. 24/7 365.
  8. Estimate from any where all you need is internet access.
  9. Multiple shop locations will be consistent with each other.
  10. Allows you to have more control over your efficiency and profit.