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The Process


Creating accurate estimates for cylinder repairs is Easy with this online software. We will walk you Through the 7 steps.

Remember, we’re always available. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us.

Step 1: Use this Cylinder Evaluation Form in your shop. This is created to be easy yet thorough. It is designed in A format similar to the software. Data input is fast!

Step 2: Provide a copy of this Cylinder Type Form to all of your Shop personnel to identify Cylinder Type.

Step 3: Provide the following information. (All Required)

  • Cylinder Type
  • Rod Size ( Solid or Tube )
  • Rod Length
  • Bore Size
  • Barrel Length
  • Overall Length
  • Rod Pin Size
  • Base Pin Size

Step 4: Determine what repairs need to be performed. Then just check the appropriate boxes on the evaluation Form menus ( many repairs will be covered under Quick Quotes area) If required use the detailed portion for more Specific type repairs. Then provide the Cylinder Evaluation Form to the estimator.

Step 5: Login at www.hydraulicrepairestimator.com Simply type in your e-mail and password and click on create Estimates.

Step 6: Input the information from the Cylinder Evaluation Form into the software and an estimate will be instantly generated.

Step 7: Print, Save Quote Customer

“It’s That Easy“